About W.M.F. and W.M.F. PRO

World Muaythai Federation Pro (WMF Pro) is the Organizing, Ranking and Sanctioning Committee.


WMF Pro have been establish withing the World Muaythai Federation as a committee since 2003. After years of endorsing, sanctioning and organizing events worldwide including the prestigious World Muaythai Championship Pro event every year in Bangkok Thailand.

Over the years WMF Pro have been credited with some of the greatest boxers participating in its events, Championships and Marathons. WMF Pro have been endorsed and recognized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand.


W.M.F. PRO: International Sanctioning Body for Professional Muaythai Events, Title belts, National Championships, Marathons, Contests, International Championships.

Our mission: Promotion of Muaythai Standards and Thai Culture.

W.M.F. PRO Awards: World Title Belt, World Champion Title, Foreign Ministry of Thailand Cup, European Muaythai Champion Belt and European Muaythai Champion Title.